Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's to a wonderul 2010 and many more in 2011.

Good Morning Friends...I hope that whatever your plans are for ringing in the New Year it is a happy and memorable one.  We received 4 inchs of snow over night and now the sun is shining.  Our family is staying home and watching movies and playing games.  I have hot apple cider ready for whoever wants some and I made peanut butter balls for snacks....I am hoping on this post you will leave me one of your resolutions for 2011.  I will offer you one of mine..."to love the best and ignore the rest."  
Have a Very Happy New Year....

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Its Husker Football Fever and a soon to be Giveaway!!!

Hello Peeps....Can you believe that it is the 30th of December?  Where did this month go?  As they say time flies when you are having fun....I have a full menu planned for tonight as the Nebraska Huskers play the Washington Huskies in the Holiday Bowl...I have beer cheese soup in the crockpot, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, beer bread, and some peanut butter balls for dessert.  Next week  I will announce my New Year's Giveaway and if I can get to 200 followers I will have 2 giveaways....lets see what shall I give?  It will be a fun one so please stay I hope you can help to spread the word.  Until then...stay warm and lets ring in the New Year with lots of happy memories of 2010 and many more of 2011.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Its beginning to look like Wynter...

Snow Family
Mr. Happy Snowman
Good Morning Friends...I hope today is finding you warm and happy.
We are looking at our last day of decent temps until we get an arctic blast and then some sleet and snow for the New Year.  We have been very fortunate to having a mild winter so far, as last year we had snow till March.  I am posting some pictures of our home with all my favorite snowmen...we redecorated after taking the Christmas decor down...its always nice for a change.... I have been reflecting back on what blessings we had in 2010 and looking forward to the opportunities in 2011.  
Frosty screen
Mrs. Frosty

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Time was a Joyous time...

Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends~Can you believe the day has come and gone and it was such a good time...I love being with my kiddos and hubby on Christmas morning and then off to grandmas for dinner...we had an adult gift exchange this year and it was a blast....women bought for a woman and the same for the guys....then we all drew a number and got to grab a gift on our turn and then of course you can that gets a little tense (in a fun way).  
So today we are just relaxing and putting things away...its a great time to organize.  I intend to put out my snowmen this week...that will take a while as I have a huge collection and will post pictures as I decorate. 
Have a great day!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Christmas means to Me...

Good Morning....This will be my Christmas post as I feel that the next few days will be spent with family.  I want to express how blessed I feel with having started my blog a little over a year ago, and all the wonderful ladies I have met and feel as though I know you.  I want to leave you with what Christmas means to me and if you feel that you want to leave me a comment on the very same topic feel free to do so.
Christmas means a variety of things to me but the two that sticks out the most to me is FAMILY  & CHRIST....without either of these I would be nothing....I love the fact that I have the best family and we all get along and enjoy each others company....Christ is the center of all that we do, without him where would we be...I do love all the decorating, gifts, candles burning, baking etc.  I do hate to see this season end, but if we could think of it as a new beginning and to reflect on all the blessings we had in 2010 and all that we have to look forward to in 2011, it makes me smile.  I hope each of you have a Very Merry Christmas and keep peace and joy in your hearts.
Many Holiday Blessings~

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Dec. 20th...I have a WINNER!

Good Morning ladies...I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend.
I have a winner of my holiday giveaway it is Donna from
Congrats to you!   I sent you an email and I hope you get me your mailing info. so I can
get your goodies out to you soon!
We had Christmas at my parents yesterday, what a fun day we had!  Its so nice to see
my sisters and we laugh and enjoy each others company!
I hope that this is a wonderful week for you and your families, I know my kids are counting down the days!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My daughter is 14 today, so Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Good Morning Peeps, Hope you are in the Christmas spirit and can you believe it is 1 week till the Birth of our Lord?  I love this time of year and especially because my middle daughter, Taylor, turns 14 today...she is turning into quite the young lady!  She is asleep right now but she will be thrilled when she wakes up and sees SNOW on the ground!  It is so pretty too.  I also want to remind you that my giveaway ends on Monday so if you haven't signed up please do!  
I need to go finish my list of things I need to get from the store as my Christmas baking will start right after dinner....I love this because it reminds me of when my mom and I baked up a storm for the holidays and took cookie trays to neighbors.
Have a great day...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My final Holiday Giveaway!

Hello Blogging friends,
I hope today finds you counting down the days to the Christmas holiday.  I am offering my final giveaway for the season.  It is centered around "snowmen" since that is what melts my heart.  In the giveaway is a snowman that is on an antique potato masher with greenery, a candle & votive holder, a wooden tealight box that says "believe", and a snowman tablet.
All that I ask is that you be a follower of my blog, post this giveaway on your blog if you have one, and tell me your favorite Christmas cookie or candy.  The giveaway will end on December 20th so I hope to mail it out to my winner and they can start enjoying their gift for the winter season.  
I need to go and be with my family, we are going to a performance that is such a wonderful Holiday show its called The Singing Christmas Tree.
Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Blessed Week!

Happy Thursday Peeps...I hope this post finds you all healthy and counting down the days will Christmas, 16 to be exact.  I have 90% of my shopping done and 50% wrapped, so I would say I am doing well.  I had a great craft show last Saturday, it was my last one for the year.  My sister, Gail, and I did it together.  It was a great day spent with her.  I am going to have one last giveaway before the holidays, not sure what I want to have for it, but it will be so worth you signing up.  So give me the weekend and come back next week to check it out.  I am leaving you with a picture of me and my sis...she is a dear friend too!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Last craft show of the season

Good morning my holiday friends....I have very little time to post this morning...but I do want to tell you of a very special event that I will be at tomorrow...its our annual Holiday Bazaar that is held in Blue Hill, Ne.  Its a very nice show with lots of homemade talent....I get to be neighbors with  my friends, Steph and Chris from always have a good with that I need to finish up some of that last minute "tweaking" of some craft items and then off to pack my van so I can go set up tonight!  This show always gets a person in the Christmas spirit!  I will post pictures of my booth sometime this weekend.

My craft room that is my world to "create"

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Randy & I on Christmas Eve

Randy & I on Christmas Eve

family picture 09

family picture 09
Randy, Leslie, Sammy, Taylor, and Tanner
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Below is a slideshow of some of the past crafts that I made, with my craft business I do make throughout the year, but these are some of the latest ones. Thank you for visiting.

a new prim friend

a new prim friend
Kindra and I..a new friendship