Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Its beginning to look like Wynter...

Snow Family
Mr. Happy Snowman
Good Morning Friends...I hope today is finding you warm and happy.
We are looking at our last day of decent temps until we get an arctic blast and then some sleet and snow for the New Year.  We have been very fortunate to having a mild winter so far, as last year we had snow till March.  I am posting some pictures of our home with all my favorite snowmen...we redecorated after taking the Christmas decor down...its always nice for a change.... I have been reflecting back on what blessings we had in 2010 and looking forward to the opportunities in 2011.  
Frosty screen
Mrs. Frosty


  1. I'm enjoying our mild winter so far. I can live without the mountains of snow. My boys, not so much. They're itching to go sledding! Love all your snowman touches! Happy New Year!

  2. Your snowmen are darling! I'm working on a new one from Vicky @ OHB, just for the fun of it! I could be out building a real one right now as we got about 4" of new snow since last night. Hub is out shoveling and plowing with the 4-wheeler and I just put on a pot of chicken soup! I don't mind seeing it if I don't have to be in it!
    Happy New Year to you Leslie!

  3. Goodness girl, you are way ahead of me, hehe! I am going to take my Christmas down this week... finally! I will leave my snowmen out too. All of yours are so adorable! We have been very fortunate to not have any snow or ice yet. My 5 year old is very confused though because we've always had snow on Christmas since he's been born. He still can't understand how we had Christmas with no snow. Haha!

    Stay warm and be careful my friend~


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Randy & I on Christmas Eve

Randy & I on Christmas Eve

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family picture 09
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a new prim friend
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